I find it astonishing how we as human beings came up with a universal law that defies our mere being. The unspoken law being Normality being normal is something we all strive to be. Each and every single one of us thinking that the person next to us is normal but not me. Always assuming that the other person knows much more than I do. We are a dynamically changing being, never consistent. Our behaviours are different from society to society, even from family to family. So why do we then torture ourselves with this concept.

Those who do not adopt and adhere to this law are subject to violent consequences. Just look at the case of Sophia Lancaster and Robert Maltby, a couple who were attacked on the street by teenage boys. The police speculated that they were attacked because they were wearing Gothic clothes.

My question is why are we as a society so afraid to accept individuality. Why is it that parents become mortified if they see their son engaging in acts which otherwise attributed to girls? What harm could individuality bring to our already broken society? Shouldn’t we be striving to raise individuals rather than drones?


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