Dear me- (10.07.2016)

Dear me,

Do you remember the year 2014, the hot summers day when I unshackled you from anxiety. I took you to the beach and knelt on one knee and begged you to marry me. Although at first you were reluctant, you agreed. We made love that day and for many days come. I whispered songs of love in to your ear and you began to see your beauty. We were happy and married and ready to bear our children we called dreams. You would wake me up at 5AM and hazily we would sit down to drink our tea and make our dreams reality.

Then on a dark winters day, came along a boy with hair as black as the night sky and eyes that you swore held galaxies. We fell for him forgetting the promises we made to one another on our wedding day. Our existence became all about him. Day and night we would imagine being with him. Others said to leave him be that he would never be ours. That prophecy eventually became true. After he left it was just me and you had gone back to your cage shackled with anxiety and I at the bottom of the sea unable to breath.

It has been a year since our separation and I know that you have been trying to find me and slowly but surely we are uniting.

I want to write this blog so that should history every repeat you will know how to find me.



I find it astonishing how we as human beings came up with a universal law that defies our mere being. The unspoken law being Normality being normal is something we all strive to be. Each and every single one of us thinking that the person next to us is normal but not me. Always assuming that the other person knows much more than I do. We are a dynamically changing being, never consistent. Our behaviours are different from society to society, even from family to family. So why do we then torture ourselves with this concept.

Those who do not adopt and adhere to this law are subject to violent consequences. Just look at the case of Sophia Lancaster and Robert Maltby, a couple who were attacked on the street by teenage boys. The police speculated that they were attacked because they were wearing Gothic clothes.

My question is why are we as a society so afraid to accept individuality. Why is it that parents become mortified if they see their son engaging in acts which otherwise attributed to girls? What harm could individuality bring to our already broken society? Shouldn’t we be striving to raise individuals rather than drones?

Daily post: an ounce of home

You’re embarking on a yearlong round-the-world adventure, and can take only one small object with you to remind you of home. What do you bring along for the trip?

I would bring a family picture with me. Pictures are unique just one look at them and they bring back floods of memories e.g. what your were doing at that time or even thinking.  Looking at the different family members in the picture would remind me of what each person was like, the fun times we had.


Venezuela, here is my voice.


A very close SU friend from Venezuela told me one of her friends from home was murdered today. I have been preparing for some days to write this post, and I have asked many fellow SU students if they know about the situation in Venezuela and most people have no idea. This gave me even more motivation, so I would like to share with you the terrible reality that is going on in Venezuela.

Venezuela has been facing economic, social and security problems, among others, caused by the corrupt Venezuelan government. More than 90% of the murders in Venezuela go unpunished. On February 12, Venezuela’s national youth day, students were tired of the injustice and corruption in their country caused by the government, so they started a peaceful riot for their rights. These students were unarmed; they carried flags, cameras, signs and flowers. The police force reacted aggressively and attacked…

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